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Do architectural competitions.work?

Ever wonder what happened to that unique competition entry for your city? Did it develop beyond the conceptual and schematic design phases? Or was the urban competition all smoke and mirrors? Architectural City competition guide showcases the outcome of prominent architecture competition designs worldwide. Launching 2020!

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Competitions affect the community. View wining competition entries around the globe with maps, renderings, architectural links, and updated street views. Post construction photos and submit your own reviews. Architectural City provides a scholastic resource guide for all.

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Why Architectural Competitions?

For the past decades, the architecture profession has been gradually moving toward attaining work through private or open call architectural competitions rather than the traditional direct clientele selection process. Architectural City catalogs architectural competitions in a searchable, visual map format making progress accessible for any architectural student, architect, tourist or design enthusiast researching a specific project or visiting the area.

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Architecture Research

Architectural City is designed in collaboration with K. Nofal Design. Our website is a scholarly research venture and will feature bibliographic resources, competition links, and citations labeled for competition entries. If you like our graphics, contact our collaborators!

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Architecture Competition Research

Architectural City celebrates the possibilities that arise with architectural competitions. Not all competitions are created equally. In some cases, the competition winning designs never move past the rendered visualizations. Our website will launch in four stages:
(1) Architecture Competition entries from 2000-current
(2) Architecture Competition entries from 1970-2000
(3) Architecture Competition archives collection.
(4) A user-generated directory system